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Frequently Asked Questions About GA4 and SFTP

What is GA4?

GA4, or Google Analytics 4, is a web analytics service that allows website owners to track and analyze user behavior on their website.

What is SFTP?

SFTP, or Secure File Transfer Protocol, is a secure method for transferring files between computers over a network.

Why would I want to import cost data into GA4?

Importing cost data allows you to see the cost of your advertising campaigns alongside the data on user behavior on your website, which can help you better understand the ROI of your advertising efforts.

What types of cost data can I import into GA4?

You can import data on the cost of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and other advertising platforms that support CSV or TSV file formats.

What is the process for importing cost data into GA4 using SFTP?

The process involves three main steps: (1) preparing your cost data file in the correct format, (2) setting up an SFTP connection to your GA4 property, and (3) uploading the cost data file to GA4 using the SFTP connection. You can automate Steps 2 and 3 by creating a GA4 Data Connector.

What format should my cost data file be in?

Your cost data file should be in either CSV (comma-separated values) or TSV (tab-separated values) format. It should contain columns for date, campaign name, ad group name, keyword, cost, and any other relevant data.

What do I need to set up an SFTP connection to my GA4 property?

You will need an SFTP client program, your GA4 property ID, and your GA4 SFTP username and password or you can use EasyAutoTagging to simplify and automate the process.

How do I upload my cost data file to GA4 using the SFTP connection?

You will need to use your SFTP client program to navigate to the correct folder in your GA4 property and then upload your cost data file to that folder. Once the file is uploaded, GA4 will automatically import the data into your reports. Alternatively, you can use EasyAutoTagging to deploy the GA4 SFTP cost data import method without having to configure an SFTP server.